Tai Chi Institutional Training

The students of Womens Christian College, Chennai
Tamilnadu Commando Force
Goa Commandos
Faculty of Bhavans school ( Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai)

Academy Activities

Lecture /Demonstrations

Followed by interactive sessions With the audience:
The School –KFI, Chennai
SRM University, Chennai,SAARC NASA
Convention National Association of Students of Architecture(NASA)
IIT Chennai –Sarang
Dignity Foundation,Chennai
The IPS Officers Wives Association, Chennai
Apollo Centre for excellence for Women, Chennai, Invited by Dr.Prithika Chary, Senior Neurologists.
Symbiosis Department Of Health Sciences(SDHS) Pune
The Marwar Mega Wedding Show, Bangalore
The Mega Wedding magazine show ,Mumbai
The Navy Foundation, Chennai
PROMETHEUS,An institute of  management, Chennai
Members Of  the Madras Club
Members of the Madras Gymkhana Club
Kottur Gardens Association
Members Of the company of Master mariners of India (Madras chapter)
Corporate workshops

WIPRO Hyderabad / Chennai
SATYAM, Hyderabad
GRT Raddison, Chennai


Students of The MRF PACE FOUNDATION, headed by Dennis Lillee Chennai


Sifu George Thomas was invited as Guest speaker at various gatherings:

The 26th Annual conference of Indian Association of Sports medicine Chennai Pranic Healing foundation of Tamilnadu


A Wonderful trip to china.Gettingto spend quality time with the Grand Master was so inspiring…Meeting his son Master James Fu and practicing Yang family Tai Chi with students from all over the world was such a learning experience.Seemed like we knew each other despite speaking different languages and never met before.Tai Chi was the common bond.


The workshop also underlined the fact that our Sifu is the strongest link to the Grand Master and his teachings. It was as though all along we had been taught by the Grand Master himself!

Sifu George’s 50th Birthday

Event : one day Taichi workshop covering 13 warm up posture / 8 forms / 28 forms / 85 forms / sword  / sabre / push hands.
Participants - over 75 students from all our centres in India.
Talk on Health by Dr.Himanshu Vaze
Program concluded with the celebration of Sifu's 5oth birthday

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